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To Tame The Wild: A Minnesota Wild vs Dallas Stars Preview

Dallas Stars rising Stars
Photo Credit: Dallas Stars

Just two days ago, the puck dropped on the start of a Best-Of-Seven journey to advance in the NHL playoffs. The Dallas Stars ended the season with a 2-2 record against the Minnesota Wild in the regular season. So far, the Stars are 0-1 in the playoffs. In was many thought would be one period of the teams ”feeling each other out”, Dallas fell behind late in the first .

However, the key players that were mentioned in the Lone Star Barnburner Hockey Podcast were the stars (pun intended) of the show for Dallas. Now that the guys in “Victory Green” are down, they really shouldn’t be counted out. There is still a lot of fight left in this team. So, what went wrong?


From the outside looking in, the Stars should have started out the game with a faster pace. The Stars were outshot 10-5 but would ramp up the pace later in the game. Dallas will need to start off fast and physical if they want to set the tone early. The team must follow where team leadership goes. Where will leadership go?

After some missed calls for both teams by on-ice officials, I can’t guarantee that a “lead by example” approach would benefit the team. It is all but guaranteed that every Stars fan will remember the hit on Joe Pavelski from Matt Dumba. In fact, Dumba faced the Possibility of a fine or suspension for that very hit. However, it was later decided that the hit was legal and that Pavelski just was knocked into the boards from the hit. Should the hit be reviewed? Should the rules for Interference and/or Charging be changed?


Stars fans, this game is bound to be physical, angry, and twice as “bloody“ as the games this regular season. Discipline is the way to go in this game. Minnesota will send out Ryan Reaves (a known “goon” to get under the skin of the Stars as it is. Dallas Stars hockey - at least against the Minnesota Wild - should be centered around puck control, speed and necessary physicality. Focusing on a shift-by-shift style may also be a massive aid in defeating Minnesota here in Game 2. If the Stars players can use every minute of the time they’re on the ice to their advantage, the Stars can win and win big. Penalties , Game 2 will be fun. However the Stars need to cut back on turn away from unwanted penalties and turnovers. How do they beat Minnesota? Simple. Play Dallas Stars hockey and don’t let the mistakes become a habit.


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