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Coach Prime is Primed To Shine

Coach Prime talking to his team
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Despite all of the hullabaloo regarding the number of Buffalo football players that have entered the transfer portal from the University of Colorado's football team, COACH PRIME is PRIMED TO SHINE!

Coach Prime talking to media
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Approximately 71 players have entered Colorado's transfer portal. This number fluctuates weekly. What people aren't talking about, or flat out don't know, is that major Universities have had significant transfer numbers as well. Such programs as Oregon, South Florida, Ole Miss, and Tennessee have all had over 44 players enter the transfer portal from their programs. The 20-25 more that Coach Prime has, is of no consequence or significance. He told you exactly what was going to happen. He's not doing anything different than most coaches do, he's just bold enough to tell you. Swagger has rarely been popular. The pundits anxiously await the opportunity, justified or not, to pounce on those who possess and demonstrate it.

Coach Prime is PRIMED TO SHINE!!! When you give more motivation to a man that is already driven to be successful, I can almost guarantee his success. Now he not only naturally desires to be successful, which steadies the foundation of said Swagger, but he has also added motivation to shut your mouth. Fair enough, the success may not come right away. Colorado is likely to take some major L's this season and next. However, there's no doubt in my mind that Colorado will surpass any glory it has ever experienced in the history of its program. I haven't given a second thought to the Buffaloes of Colorado since Rick Neuheisel coached there in 1995. That's almost 3 decades!

Colorado Buffaloes’ head football coach Deion Sanders cheers on the basketball team at the game against the Colorado State Rams Dec. 8 in Boulder.
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If his swagger isn't enough to inspire prophecies and prognostication of his inadequacy, insufficiency, and/or plain incompetence, his mouth is. A confident black man, who speaks his mind unapologetically has always been frowned upon, and a threat. The media quickly labels an athlete as flashy/cocky as if it's a bad thing. Why? Because you said so? I beg to differ. See Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Michael Irvin, Serena Williams, Allen Iverson, Usain Bolt, and Manchester City star footballer, Raheem Sterling. This goes back to the likes of Satchel Paige and Wilt Chamberlin. Why would it change now? I challenge you to see past the swagger and observe the substance. You might just see why Coach Prime is PRIMED TO SHINE!!!

Ivan "King Dawk" Dawkins

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