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by Ivan Dawkins @ikingdawk / Journalist

Dallas vs Vegas
Photo Credit: Clutch Points

The Dallas Stars drop their second game in a row for the 1st time in this playoff run, losing 3-2 in overtime to the Vegas Golden Knights in game 2 of the NHL Western Conference Finals. Sunday was no fun day.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! The slogan that has become arguably one of the most successful marketing campaigns in tourism industry history has a sports application today. The credit for the slogan belongs to the advertising company R&R Partners. Well, it definitely applies when it comes to stating what needs to happen for the Dallas Stars to bounce back from another gut-wrenching overtime loss. They better leave what happened in Vegas this weekend, right here in sin city! If they carry the heartbreaking overtime losses of game 1 and 2 back to Dallas, they may not make it back to Vegas.

I could hardly wait for the official audio release of the postgame media availability prior to posting my postgame article. I could hardly wait!!! …but I did.

Ryan Suter
Photo Credit: RotoWire

I had these notes ready for postgame interview questions for Stars Coach Pete DeBoer. #1) The Stars were sloppy with the puck at center ice on a few occasions. (Probably more than a few) #2) It doesn't feel like the Stars are ahead 24 shots on goal to 20 shots on goal for Vegas... Less than a minute after jotting down that second note, the Golden Knights score on a, less than admirable, play by Stars Defenseman, Ryan Suter. When asked,

"Take us through the sequence at the end there, just what happened there on the turnover and then after the turnover as well. On your play at the end of regulation."

Suter replied,

"Did you watch it? The Dallas journalist quickly replied, "Yeah." Suter went on to say, "Yeah. Then you know what happened."

The Dallas based journalist, who I commend for the question and the follow up, then asked,

"Is there something, that you would you want to do differently in that situation?" Suter then answers, "Well, I just. That's for us to talk about. Yeah, obviously, it wasn't the right play, and it ended up costing us."

SHEEEEESH! I've had ex-girlfriends with similar arguing styles. That's why they're ex-girlfriends. Check Twitter for about 3 seconds, and you'll see plenty of Stars fans calling for Suter to be an ex as well.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / NHL.COM

Unfortunately, The Stars waste a good performance by left winger Jason Robertson. Robo scored his second goal of the series. In addition, netminder Jake Oettinger was very solid in goal. Without him, this game doesn't get to overtime.

As Stars Coach Pete DeBoer stated in his postgame interview, the Stars had an opportunity in overtime as well. Stars young gifted Center Wyatt Johnston had a really good look at one early-early in overtime. Vegas' goaltender Adin Hill just made a play. That's playoff hockey for you. You need puck luck. Now the Stars have got to find a way to not lose any more games on bad bounces of the puck. Game 3 will be in Dallas, at the American Airlines Center on Tuesday 5/23/23 at 7PM CT. In a mathematical sense, Dallas could lose the game and still win the series, but for all intents and purposes, Game 3 is a must win.

This story was not subject to approval by the Dallas Stars Hockey Team or The National Hockey League.

Ivan Dawkins is a journalist for Follow him on Twitter at @ikingdawk


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