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First Time at a Dallas Stars Hockey Game: An Unforgettable Experience

On Thursday, I covered my first hockey game, the Dallas Stars vs Pittsburgh Penguins. I was excited and looking forward to it but didn't know what to expect. I've covered other major sports, but not hockey. Hockey is my least favorite sport, but I'm learning more game by game. Here is the journey through my experience.

The atmosphere was electric, and I do mean electric!! Fans reciting the word "Stars" in the national anthem, the crowd erupting when the stars scored, and fans of all ages. The Stars fans are more excited and in unison than the Mavs fans. I was surprised by that. The sounds of the skates on the ice and the puck hitting the wall are not like any other sport, which I enjoyed.

The gameplay was interesting and nonstop. It wasn't hard following the puck, but it was difficult to understand the rules. Thankful my guy Dawk was there with me to explain some of the rules. I would highly recommend a hockey fan go with you if it's your first time.

The players' ability to skate on ice while hitting a puck with a long stick is amazing! Hockey players don't get enough respect from the sports world. There was one goal scored in the 1st period by Roope Hintz (DAL), one in the 2nd by Sidney Crosby (PIT), his first in Dallas, and three goals scored in the 3rd period by Joe Pavelski (DAL), Jamie Benn (DAL), and Pierre-Olivier Joseph (PIT). The crowd erupted on both the Dallas goals, even me and Dawk were cheering in the press box lol.

(Dallas Stars Twitter)


The Stars were the aggressors in the 1st period and the Penguins in the 2nd period. The 3rd period was evenly aggressive with goals on both sides. The end of the game was AMAZING! Let me paint the picture, the Penguins on a power play 6 on 4 with a minute left, shot after shot on goal, and Jake Oettinger fighting for his life! The result...Oettinger comes up BIG and the Stars WIN!

A great finish and a memorable experience I won't forget.

Dallas Stars Twitter


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